DC 563 Gnoll and Void

This week, unwell, sick and tired. No sleep because of roadworks. Spend sleepless time gaming, not like me. Great tunes. Music Industry on it’s way back?, with no where to buy music other than online, and Sony admitting it needs X-Factor to find talent – No. Even Simon Cowell is having trouble, even asking David Bowie to be a judge. I should have known better, Jesse Wood is Ronnie Woods offspring. I should do more research.

Podcrawl London 2013 – 18th May or 22nd June ?

Picture: JunkSista

You will hear:

  1. Studebaker’s Blacksmith Shop: Elimination of Danger (Feat. Daan), Germany, Jamendo
  2. Snakeroot: Cut So Deep, Turkey, Deuce
  3. Public Service Broadcast: New Dimension in Sound, UK
  4. Junksista: Department Store, Germany, Alfa MAtrix
  5. Junkyard & The Wings of Desire: Back Home, Israel, AF Music
  6. The Foreign Resort: Tide, Denmark, AF Music
  7. Nexus VI: Another Farewell, Russia
  8. 1 Way Trip: Nice To Know You, UK, Duece
  9. Skinny Bitches: Everything’s Cool, but Nothing’s Exciting, Canada, Music Submit
  10. Kant Kino: My Sweetest Crime (Feat: Hanne Haugsand), Norway, Alfa Matrix

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