DC 562 Rusty

This week, getting out there again and talking to musical types. Interview with Syd Arthur. The Brit Awards and why pop music has become so “safe”. Fearne Cotton names her baby Rex, future therapy sessions bundled into birthing package, 6 music polish off news of Pistorius with Hendrix’s Hey Joe. DJs need to know what they are playing, they really do. People say the BBC does not make make good use of license fee money, they should look at Norwegian TV, who show a fire burning for 12 hours, with advice on how to chop and stack wood. Bargain.

Picture: Syd Arthur

You will hear:

  1. Alaska Campus: Felicity, UK
  2. Deastro: Light Powered, USA, Ghostly
  3. Syd Arthur: Edge of The Earth, UK, PrescriptionPR
  4. Front Line Assembly: Arise, Canada, Metropolis
  5. Critical Cirkus: Right Here, Right Now, Sweden, Deuce
  6. Ghosts of Eden: In Motion, USA, Candlelight
  7. Helalyn Flowers: White me in, Black me out, Italy, Alfa-Matrix
  8. Heliopause: 26 Miles and a Mountain, UK, Ireland
  9. Hollywood Red: Back for More, USA, Music Submit
  10. Junkyard + The Wings of Desire: Watching, Israel, AFMusic
  11. Ayria: Plastic Makes Perfect, Canada, Alfa-Matrix

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