DC 543 Damn the Pirates

This week, Both myself and Pete Cogle of PCP have won a coveted European Podcast Award. I was thinking of trying to get another to make bookends, but as I don’t read paper media anymore, I thought it would be cool to get Dave and Caroline of The Bugcast some glass. So, every day until the end of November (?) please visit their vote page and post your vote, You know you want to. Nothing else to report, but you ned to tell me what to do with my spare time. Scouts 50% of x-Factor finalists, TV exploitism I think. Pirates 5?, no thank you, however Dr. Horrible 2, yes please. Redigi lose against EMI, who are now part of Universal. Mmm, big music industry bullying. Lastly, I should be out rather than recording this…….

Picture: Aimee Francis

You will hear:
EndAnd: Commando, USA (Independent Music Promotions)Vajra: Almost One, USA (Independent Music Promotions)Minor Sounds: Hailstorm, UK (Independent Music Promotions)FallsStart: Greed, USA
Ludovico Technique: Wired for Destruction, USA (Metropolis)Audiogold: Cymbalism, UK (Deuce)Abandon all Ships: Good Old Friends, Canada
The Silence Industry: Global Spring, Canada (AFMusic)Aimee Francis: Don’t Wanna Know, Australia
Nadine Carina: Paradise, UK

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