DC 542 Happy Nihilism

This week, frustration, Nihilism, and no booze. Not a great combination, but I think the music this week makes up for it. With all this Jimmy Savile business going on John Peel gets raked through the coals. Who benefits from all this? No-one. Carbooters and The Cannabis Bush, and The 125mph hearse, in the shape of a Trike, only available in Northern Ireland. MIUK to survive another while, and other shows I’ve been on over the past few weeks.

Picture: Simian Ghost

You will hear:
The Weekenders: Twenty Armed Men, USA
Mr. Hunter: Roots, USA
SineRider: Midnight Lullaby, USA
Cats Park: Your Love is a Sin, Russia (Independent Music Productions)Les Modules Etranges: Surgery Girl, France (AF Music)Lock ‘N’ Load: More! More! More!, UK
FallsStart: Our Summer, USA
Tom Slatter: The Man who learnt to Fly, UK
A Course of Action: Tell Me Why, USA
Simian Ghost: Wolf Girl (Slow Magic Remix), Sweden (PrescriptionPR)Fitz.: Caves, UK
Syd Arthur: Dorothy (Live), UK (PrescriptionPR)

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