DC 539 The Pony Stomp

This week, Driving everywhere, being stomped on by ponies, and wardrobes.
150 Troma movies on YouTube, have not seen White Zombie in years. Even though “the kids” are on YouTube, should I post the show there? Learn about music with David Attenborough and Bjork! Manchester: UK biggest music pirates, but who is Billy Van?
Sophie Lancaster:, bringing the story to the stage, but will it changes peoples attitude to hate crimes?

Picture: Kenelis

You will hear:
Stealing Wishes: Too Good, UK (Deuce)
Fleck: Numb Dub, Greece
Cwtch: Grand Canyon, Wales
Evocateur: Wolf Girl, UK
Dream Circus: Criminal, Portugal (Digital Media Records)
Debo Band: And Lay, USA (Subpop)
Billy Van: Party Rock Anthem (Remix), USA
Twitch The Ripper: We won’t talk about it, USA (Metropolis)
Azoora: A Few Thousand More, UK (23 Seconds)
Fruit Bats: You’re Too Weird, USA (Subpop)
Kenelis: Jealous, UK
Wily Bo Walker (Feat. The Mescal Canyon Troubadours): I want to know, UK
Snew: Whats it to Ya?, USA

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