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This week, Nothing going on in the Cutler Camp, watched Prometheus. Good review at Raw Footage.
Focus on show rather than Apple announcements. Andy Warhol honoured, by Campbells. Go Daddy black out effecting some people close to home. Ben & Jerrys Vs. Ben & Cherrys. Indie Label Hydra Head, to close, and Sleeping Beauty gets odd wake up

Picture: Creatures of Love

You will hear:
Cwtch: Silver, Wales/Australia
The Hand to: Semina System, USA (Post Consumer)
Creatures of Love: Vakkula, UK
Stealing Wishes: Falling Down, UK (Deuce)
Evokateur: White Horses, UK
Twitch The Ripper: Chameleon, USA (Metropolis)
Voide: Electronic Waves, Sweden
Nine Black Alps: Living in a Dream, UK
The Helio Sequence: October, USA (Sub-Pop)
Free Swim: The Snooze Function, UK
Les Modules Etranges: Trapped, France (AF Music)

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