DC 532 On the other hand

This week, boring old games, only lit up by winning some medals. Keeping the kid entertained, and recording whilst she sleeps. Left hand not knowing the right hand is doing with internet legislation, suing with one, and encouraging internet use with the other. Ben Dovers company Golden Eye (yes thats his name), intending to sue people for downloading his porn, and you might have to pay if you appeal – and on the hand The House of Lords wants the internet to be the main broadcast medium. Get copyright and internet use legislations right first people! A Stradivarius worth (updated to £8.6 million), was left on a train is reunited with it’s owner, who would do that? Vertigo voted the best film of all time over Citizen Kane.

Picture: Cold in Berlin

You will hear:
Japandroids: The House That Heaven Built, UK
The Marquee: Melodies & Memories, Canada
Melody Klyman: Requiem, UK
Bedford: Eyes of Love, Australia
Visionary Underground: Repo Clan, UK
Piano Magic: Lost Antiphony, UK
Lawrence Made Me Cry: The Rain Song, UK
The Loaded Dice: Love Letters, UK
Cold in Berlin: John, UK
Goodbye Labrador: Memoir, USA

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