DC 531 The New Voice

This week, dealing with a bored teenager is no fun, so I’ve invited her onto the show. Travelling down from North Wales with kitten in tow was interesting. Another Doctor’s companion dies, Romana – Aka Mary Tamm, Russell Brand honours Steve Jobs by stealing and smashing someone elses iphone, and The Voice Season 2, without Tom Jones and Jessie J? Lotte and I discuss the options or other judges.

Picture: The Glitch Mob

You will hear:
Tiny Boys: It’s Not My Heart, Sweden
Crazy Mary: Come On Lets Go, USA
Sean Archibald: Faded Orange Glow, UK
Mode Moderne: Foul Weather Fare, Canada
Petrol: The Best That I Can Do, UK
Coven: Jailhouse
Wily Bo Walker and Karena K: Long Way To Heaven, UK
Lumbers: Repeat Destroyer, USA
SkinFlick: Becoming Geology, Wales
Burning Shapes: Bad Karma, UK
The Glitch Mob: Drive it like you stole it., USA

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