DC 499 A New Direction

This week, DarkCompass is now 7 years old (14th December 2004 I started doing this), The Last few days to get your show 500 suggestions in. Reznor for Oscars again?, Xfactor ratings drop, down by 4 million on the final, but Nirvana! People are not interested anymore, they want to consume other stuff, but not by Smart TV, which will be the next thing. Replaced iphone again. More and more Verhoven remakes on the horizon, this time Starship Troopers? Why – the original is classic. Discuss.

Picture: V is for Villians

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You will hear:
Fleet Foxes: Mykonos, USA
Pop Will Eat Itself: Chaos and Mayhem, UK
Cardiacs: Christ Alive, UK
V is for Villams: Evolve of Die, USA
Skold: Tonight, Sweden
Drowning Susan: Freakshow, USA
Halo Sparkle: Seizure Eye, USA
Goodbyemotel: Burning Since Sunday, USA
Winter Severity Index: While We’re Living, Italy
Mammút: Bakkus, Iceland

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