DC 498 Break Stuff

This week, my mind is mush, and Im in fact wondering what Im doing here? What do I know? Should I cry, laugh, or break stuff!
XXX goes up for sale, will this be a money spinner for ISPs to provide this domain? Taking a domain registration in vain, Trent Reznor says 2012 will be a Nine Inch Nails Year, Yay. Check out the sample on his pages for The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo.
Rolf Harris painting goes for 1,000 times it’s original value, and A new chess set of Christmas?.

MIUK almost at it’s 4th birthday, in fact this show is almost 7! Last two weeks to get your list in for 500, intense training fail.

Picture: The Pet Conspiracy

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You will hear:
Secret Archives of The Vatican: The assyrian, UK
Bella Novela: The Archeress, USA
Schonwald: Mercurial, Italy
Lorena B: ReFeel, Israel
Regurgitator: Be Still My Noisy Mind, Australia
Alex Hulme: There Was A Boy, UK
Orkestra Del Sol: This is Honkstep, Scotland
Duellen: Frågan, Sweden
Pet Conspiracy: Are You Sure?, China
My Toys Like Me: Come On Sunshine, UK

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