DC 495 No Johnny No No No

This week, lots of great music, interviews and comments, but no submissions to the 500th show. Gervais in the news again with a new show about dwarves, and possible Johnny Depp involvement, boo!
EMI are now Sony/Universal, so much for a company thats been around for over 100 years, good news for the artists though. Doctor Who to me made into his first film ….. WRONG, do you not remember Peter Cushing people?
Black Sabbath return after a 33 year abscence.

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Picture: Cellarscape, photo by Niki Jones

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You will hear:
Ink Project: Araldite Tears, UK
Apollo Run: City Lights, USA
Cellarscape: Snowglobe, UK
The Happy Problem: Downtown, USA
D.V.N.O: Dance With Me! (Radio Mix), USA
Jimmy At The Prom: Please Come Home, USA
Twisted Wheel: Oh What Have You Done, UK
Plastiscines: Barcelona, France
Jon Gomm: Message in a Bottle, UK
Wily Bo Walker: Jenny, UK
The Loaded Dice: Time To Burn, Wales

Cellarscape – ‘A Theta/Delta Union’ (Teaser/Preview #3) from SkyBabyRecords on Vimeo.

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