DC 494 It's all FAIL

This week, not backing down for anything. Looking forward to a weekend of rock! Human Centipede 2 fails at the box office, taking under £1000 in its opening evening, Lou Reed and Metallica’s new album fails, with sales of only 15,000 in it’s first few days, EMI Fails with artists like David Bowie and Robbie Williams jumping ship. Are streaming services starting to fail? Warner Brothers fail sending takedown notices of films and recordings they have no copyright to. The only things here thats not fail is the great music on the show.

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Picture: The Happy Problem

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You will hear:
The Dark Clan: Goals, USA
Redrum: Hit Delete, USA
ManHunt: Euphony, UK
We Were Promised Jetpacks: Ink Dries Slowly, Scotland
Halo Sparkle: Bessy, USA
New Cassettes: Silent Guns, UK
Megyn Hermez: Mary Jane, USA
The Happy Problem: Curvature, USA
Cancer Killing Gemini: Woe, USA
Sparrow: All the things you were hoping for, UK

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