DC 493 We The Peelists

This week, disappointed. Firstly a new word, thredders, which according to Urban Dictionary means, fed up with. The lack of research by Pete Townshend, and the terrible lecture he gave in John Peels name. Jimmy Saviles parting, BBC now 75th aniversary, and Freddy Mercury Resurrected for new Queen album? bring it on.
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Picture: Psy’aviah

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You will hear:
Absent One: Under Fire, Russian Federation
Binary Park: Keep on Falling Down, Germany
Ink Project: Erased by Sunlight, UK
Porn: I Died Twice, France
Burning Shapes: Silence Amplified, UK
Halo In Reverse: Into It, USA
65daysofstatic: PX3, UK (Download courtesy of Monotreme Records)
Psy’aviah: OK, Belgium
Redrum: Dissonance (Part 1), USA
Cellarscape: Hiding in Plain Sight, UK

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