DarkCompass 429 – For Ed

This week, a tough one. This show is for Ed, forever remembered as a great guy, only just discovering real ale. Lost whilst playing that noblest of sports, Football. Good luck to him whereever he is.

The show is fueled by Adnams, so bear with me, as I explain why Beautiful women will not make good bank managers, in this day and age, why pay so much for a pudding? and a man plays guitar again … with his face (and not like Jimi Hendrix). A bit longer than usual, as I have some great music to play before holiday break.
Picture – Ed, by Rowley

You will hear:

  • Miss U (Acoustic), by Coalhouse – England
  • Don’t make me wait, by Nick Tann – England Don't
  • My Soul in a Sock, by Usedtobecool – England
  • Drowning, by Postcode – Isle of Man Drowning
  • Blood on the Floor, by Loaded Dice – Wales
  • Psycho Disgrace, by Latent Anxiety – USAPsycho
  • Pressure, by Catgut – England
  • Seven Diamonds, by Jacky Ligon – USA
  • Burning Pine, by Sevish – UK
    Release available from Split-Notes.Com
  • Be Tomorrow, by Madlife – USA Be
  • Bus Stop People, by Chance – USA
  • Hearts and Roses, by Emit – USA Hearts

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    The Loaded Dice feat. Lily Green – October 14th from dPulse/Ovrtone on Vimeo.

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