DarkCompass 5×05 Rattlin Netlabels

The Forced Oscillations

Photo by iplutser

This week, throbbing head, but weekend relax. Thawing out. Lets support Jamendo.

You will hear:

  1. Rain on my Footsteps, by Rattlin’ Bone – UK
  2. Digital Evening, by Colorpulse – USA
  3. Blue Alligator Shoes, by The Mike Pachelli Group with Andrew WK – USA
  4. Audio Suicide, by Cutback – UK
  5. Fast Cars and Porn Stars, by The Erotics – USA
  6. Doomed, by The Forced Oscillations – Russian Federation
  7. Hurt, by AzureKevin – ??
  8. Chestnut, Boom!, by Fox Van Cleef – USA
  9. Fight your Evil Side, by To Leave A Trace – Ukraine
  10. I sing the Body Electric, by Synesthesia – USA
  11. Let it go, by Stoney – UK

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