DarkCompass 5×04 New Year New Music


This week, Bulging music sack from around the world. Suspicious package from Adnams, once opened show runs smoothly! Jamendo, trouble at mill? Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, 98% of single sales now downloads, digital sales swelling, and demise of the CD on it’s way?
The first show of the year, fueled by Adnams Tally-Ho.

You will hear:

  1. One Day More, by Rhombus – UK
  2. Auralei, by Artemis – USA
  3. Letting you go, by Bad Pollyanna – UK
    Badpollyanna - Liquid Lover - Letting You Go
  4. unSaved, by Jeremiah Saint – USA
  5. Wildhearts, by On Returning – Sweden
  6. Enemy Country, by Secret Achives of the Vatican – UK
  7. As the World Burns, by Crazy is Contagious – USA
  8. Awaken, by Filthy Kicks – UK
  9. Pray on you (Sebastian R. Komor Mix), by I:Scintilla – USA
    I:Scintilla - Prey On You - Prey On You (Sebastian R. Komor Mix)

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