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Isa and the Filthy Tongues

This week, busy busy busy, but good. Plans for seeing bands in London. Internet usage stats, Channel 4 YouTube, and Finland lead the way in the web being a human right, kids cannot do without the web, and that great interview with Isa and the Filthy Tongues.
You will hear:

  1. Ladder to the Stars, by The Nuri – Germany
  2. Creep (Live), by Allison Crowe USA
  3. Big Star, by Isa and the Filthy Tongues – Scotland
    Isa and the Filthy Tongues - Addiction - Special Edition - Big Star
  4. Reflect, by Black Dawn – USA
  5. Soundtrack, by Funktastic – Germany
  6. Over Konsumsi, by Navicula – Bali
  7. Tiger, by Rob the Rich – UK
  8. Sweetheart, by My Toys Like Me – UK
    My Toys Like Me - Where We Are - Sweetheart
  9. Violent Center, by Owl – USA
    Owl - Owl - Violent Center

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