DarkCompass 385 – Rock Band Cosmos


This week,Out again to hear some great music for you to enjoy. Weird ways of finding great tunes. After the success(!) of The Beatles Rock Band, expect a Lego one featuring Iggy Pop and Bowie, and fund terrorism with the forthcoming U2 Edition of Rock Band! Changes to the website, making things easier for future expansion, but all in all great music from around the world.
You will hear:

  1. Alive, by Bullets and Octane USA
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  2. Slaves, by Sleepercurve – UK
  3. Sails and Boards, by The Sea Kings – UK
  4. A Glorious Dawn (Featuring Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking), by Colorpulse
  5. A Story of Hurt, by Danish Daycare – Sweden
  6. Aaj Kal, by Sifar – India
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  7. Heroines, by The Diablo Swing Orchestra – Sweden
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  8. My Whole Life, by The Pow Wows – USA
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  9. Warning, by Ultrabase – Belgium
  10. Casualties and Tragedies, by Gunfire76 – USA
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