DarkCompass 383 – Lily vs The Internet

Unkindness of Ravens

This week, some great music from around the world, weekend spent finding venues for Podcrawl 4, finding great apps on iPhone, like Jamendo. Pete from PCPodcast joins me in a discussion about Lily Allen, and her comments about File Sharing, Audioboo, and Made in the UK.

Since recording this, Techdirt discovered two mixtapes on Lily’s EMI hosted site, and Torrentfreak posted a scathing post about Lily being hypocritical, Lily stated on twitter, that the blog has been taken down, and that she’s passing the fight on.

You will hear:

  1. Balrog Boogie, by Diablo Swing Orchestra – Sweden
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  2. Another Place, by Ace of Space – UK
  3. Breathing, by Oceansea – UK
  4. Inland Sea, by …and you will know us by the trail of dead
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  5. Accelerator, by The Unkindness of Ravens – UK
  6. The Beginning of the twist, by The Futureheads – UK
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  7. Dance Club Superstar, by Symphony of Nine – Canada
  8. SOB, by Eletrika – Brazil
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  9. Lies, by Fox Van Cleef – USA

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