DarkCompass 382 – I got away with it …

The Lovemakers

This week, unprepared. Where can I find soundtrack listings on the net, Top Gear addicts, no news selections this week, a problem? Getting too old for gigging?

You will hear:

  1. 1st Memory, by Vortex – UK
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  2. Calico, by Melody Klyman – UK
  3. Iz in Da house, by Sir Ged – Germany
  4. Evil, by Matt Goss
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  5. A purpose to my Sins, Danish Daycare – Sweden
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  6. Face to Face on High Places (jesu Remix), by School of Seven Bells – USA
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  7. Only in your Mind, by OddSTAR – USA
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  8. See what I wanna see, by The Lovemakers – USA
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  9. Friendly Fire, by October File – UK
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  10. Girl in a Room, by Antiqcool – UK

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