DC 540 Open Air Ostrich

This week, I get out to see a band, Mode Moderne, and jolly good it was too. Life and times of EMI, now another arm of Universal. Thorpe Park now breathalysing people before they go on The Swarm, to reduce vomit showers, and my adventure into Kickstarter, helping artists and finding weird projects like The Ostrich Pillow, the essential sensory depravation head covering for the office.

Picture: Mode Moderne

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DC 538 Just Plain Weird

This week, Nothing going on in the Cutler Camp, watched Prometheus. Good review at Raw Footage.
Focus on show rather than Apple announcements. Andy Warhol honoured, by Campbells. Go Daddy black out effecting some people close to home. Ben & Jerrys Vs. Ben & Cherrys. Indie Label Hydra Head, to close, and Sleeping Beauty gets odd wake up

Picture: Creatures of Love

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