NaPod2023-11 Upgraded

I’ve bitten the bullet and upgraded to Podcasting 2.0

Firstly I was dubious, and wondered what was involved. I wondered how it would break the feeds I have for my shows, but as it happens it doesn’t.

So in addition to buying t-shirts and buying me a coffee, you can now send me lightning via Alby, a Crypto Wallet for the Value4Value Movement, originally thought up by people like Adam Curry. Thanks to Mike Dell, and his napodpomo for doing a little episode about it.

Best way to “boost”, the episodes is to subscribe to the feeds using newer podcast catchers like Podcast Guru, Podverse and others – and finding us on the Podcast Index.

Music By Droid Killer, track is called upgrade from the Album The Terminator Vs. The Preacher

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