DC1102 God Ride

Brazil, Canada, Finland and the UK all feature in this weeks show, with Thrash, Death Metal, Symphonic, and Alt Rock.

  1. Sophies Threat – Suicidal God
  2. Kassogtha – Complacency
  3. Gutsaw – Bleed by Example (tell me what film the intro comes from and win a prize)
  4. Obsidious – Lake of Afterlife
  5. My Funeral – Suicidal Thrash
  6. Vermocracy – World of Wounds
  7. Bill Na – Beg The Devil
  8. Along The Lines – Lioness
  9. Witchfinder – Ghosts Happen to Fade
  10. Sun Voyager – To Hell We Ride

Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio on the 28th October 2022


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