DC1091 Giants Light

Another long song show this week with the shortest being over 7 minutes long.

This is a two hour special with only the first hour broadcast on Hard Rock Radio.

Tunes from Black Capricorn, Ophidian Forest, Phantom Spell and more

  1. Black Capricorn – Giants of Prama
  2. Ophidian Forest – Plagues
  3. Phantom Spell – Dawn of Mind
  4. Aquila – the Plague of Galen
  5. Witnesses – Borgo Pass
  6. Head Spin – Limpet
    (we say goodbye to Hard Rock Hell Radio here, from now on it’s all DarkCompass)
  7. Apex Ten – Mirage
  8. Wardenclyffe – Mortlake
  9. Wake – Bleeding Eyes of The Watcher
  10. Mosara – Only The Dead Know Our Secret
  11. John The Baptist – Glimpse of Valor
  12. Mindless Hope – Eugenics
  13. Phoebus The Knight – The Time of The Light