Long Live Evil Scarecrow 5.0

A Statement from Evil Scarecrow:

We are living in strange times and perhaps that is true more so than anywhere else at the ‘Crow’s nest.

Evil Scarecrow have some big news to announce. Is it more important than the latest update about COVID-19, perhaps not, but it is pretty damn important to us.

It is with sad and sorry hearts, that we bid our beloved Brother Pain and Princess Luxury farewell. Life commitments have forced them to make the difficult decision to step down from the band. Brother Pain is one of the founding members of Evil Scarecrow and has therefore been a key member of the band since 2002 and Princess Luxury has been with us for nearly 15 years. We are all very much still a family and always will be. This is not the end for us, whilst we will miss both Brother Pain and Princess Luxury, Evil Scarecrow Version 5.0 will emerge, just as metal, and as silly, as before.