DC938 Let Odyssey


This week, we get up to date with whats happening with Ventenner, and a competition to win tickets to see them.  Great tracks from Cryosphere, The Birthday Massacre, Evestus, and Chiasmata too.

  1. Cryosphere – Let The Flames Begin
  2. The Birthday Massacre – The Sky Will Turn
  3. Ventenner – Killing Jar
  4. Evestus – Watch You Leave
  5. Ventenner – Let Me Go (Feat Cold in Berlin)
  6. Grendel – Cloak & Dagger
  7. Hanzel Und Gretyl – Hellmeister
  8. Chiasmata – Forboding
  9. Spiders from Saigon – Dopers Odyssey