Venom Prison – Samsara

Samara is the latest LP from Venom Prison, due out next month on Prosthetic Records. Is certainly an unexpected blast of modern death metal, it rips.

Larissa’s writing poetry here, It’s almost beautiful. However it’s not meant to be. It’s not “tear yourself apart, it’s more, everything is tearing you apart”, turning you inside out with no compassion or understanding of individual. From birth to death, it’s all a living hell.

Musically, it’s a modern progressive death metal belter, between Guitar and Drums on “Megillus & Leana”, and “Sadistic Rituals”, it gives you a unnerving feeling, until the more melodic pieces come in. It only gives you a slight pause before it all hits you again. It feels like it’s signifying torment in mind and soul in places.

More traditional tracks like “Uterine Industrialisation”, “Self Inflicted Violence”, and “Naraka” will appeal to more dyed-in-the-wool Death Metal fans, this album is certainly pushing the boundaries.

This album has put a line in the blooded streets, which I think is going to be a hard one to surpass this year.


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