Malum Sky – Diatribe

Malum Sky

Cardiff Progressive outfit Malum Sky release 5 track EP and hit the road next week.


There new EP blends a lot of 70’s and 80’s Prog stylings with modern heavier basslines, making your headphones quake, and with Ben’s Voice (which is very reminiscent of Geddy Lee for me), bring the whole release into focus.

The EP tackles communication or the overload thereof, which has always been an issue of mine.  So much bombardment, and effectively they have put this issue into their songs.

Borrower, being one of  three 6+ minute monsters in the EP expresses how well these guys work together, in such a short while, having only been together around 4 years.

A great open sound, professionally and passionately done.  I’ve not heard their back catalogue, but if this release is to go by, it will be well worth a listen.

“Diatribe” is out on Apple Music  and Google Play on the 15th January.

They are out on the 19th Touring the new EP, check out the schedule here, I certainly plan to see them in May, when they hit London.

Thanks to Sliptrick Records, and Grand Sounds PR

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