The Blank Standard – Dump Truck Full

The Blank Standard

Released on November, and only just arrived in my Inbox, I might be a little late to the game for this one. 

The Blank Standard from Chicago Il, have a belter of an album here. This is their first full length after 6 years of being together. They have honed their musical chops to produce a toe tapping head banging brutal release.
Now I didn’t realise that “Dump Truck Full of Zombies” was their single, and it epitomises the style and talent these guys have. Check them out at bandcamp below.

There is not a track on this LP I didn’t like.  “Heavy Death Murder Kill” feels a little out of place, that does bring a melodic element to the release, a respite to a surrounding high speed bludgeoning of “Lepers at The Gate”, and “The Gorgon Reflecting Pool”, which certainly shows their skills to switch from Groove to Death effortlessly.


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