New Years Resolution …

I have a new years resolution for DarkCompass.

Blogging more.

I know I have a full time job, several, and maybe I’m spreading myself a bit thin, what with work that pays, and work that doesn’t.  However, I want to do this, and it’s been tried before.

If I can only get a couple of blog bits out a week – even if it’s just “this music is great”, or a little gig review I would feel happier keeping this website rather than letting all the podcasting history I have here drift away.  Some little tutorials on Podcasting, how I do things is another thing I’ve missed doing.  Giving back to the listener.  “You to can do this, Just follow these simple steps”. Going back to a little bit more personal, something that has disappeared in the show (it’s trying to be a bit more professional, even though it makes no money).

I’ll still do the show of course, that’s a given.  I’ll do that until I can do it no more, and Hard Rock Hell Radio has helped me do it, what with listening to all their submissions, both from label and artists, as Head of Music.

For now watch this space.