DC856 Epitaph Ride

Nothgard – Epitaph https://nothgard.com/de/
Evil Scarecrow – Gus, Zag, and The Turnip King https://evilscarecrow.co.uk
Them – Circuitous https://www.them666.com/
Hessian – I Wish I Was Dead https://hessian-music.bandcamp.com/
Ancst – Degradation & Subordination http://ancstcollective.com/
Foaming at The Mouth – Servants of Death https://foamingatthemouth.bandcamp.com/releases
Einherjer – Kill The Flame https://einherjer.com/
External – I Through Eyes Can See https://www.facebook.com/externaltheband
Project Silence – From Beyond http://www.projectsilence.info/
Technical Damage – Reshape https://technicaldamage.bandcamp.com/
Monasteries – Oxygen Debt https://monasteries.bandcamp.com/
Chrome Division – One Last Ride https://www.chromedivision.com/

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