DC852 Break The Rigor



Black Coast – Break the Routine https://www.facebook.com/blackcoastuk/
We Came As Romans – Cold Like War http://www.wecameasromans.com
Arkdown – Wake Up https://arkdown.bandcamp.com/
Van Canto – Neverland https://vancanto.de/en/
Terror – Mental Demolition http://totalretaliation.com/
Soulfly – Evil Empowered http://www.soulfly.com/
Trayl – Catastrophic Megalomania https://trayl.bandcamp.com/
King Company – Learn to Fly http://www.kingcompanyband.com/
Mutilated by Zombies – Instructions for Death https://mutilatedbyzombies2.bandcamp.com/
Toska Congress https://officialtoska.bandcamp.com/
Maniaxe – Maggots of God https://www.facebook.com/maniaxeAU
Kroh – Rigor Mortis http://kroh.bandcamp.com

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