Psychostick “Do” the sneaky

Yesterday our beloved Psychostick said they had an announcement about a new album they were working on.
It was vary early in the morning for me, so I didn’t stay up. So, seeing this morning, to my surprise they did this…..

They released the new album “Do” there and then.
Wow, just Wow.

With the singles “From the Heart”, and the blinding track “Adulting”, I’m really looking forward to getting this.
They were recently in the UK for the Amplified Festival, playing with Evil Scarecrow. How I would have loved to have been there, but I did see them on their first ever tour of the UK when they came to The Garage in London.
I need to see them again, but for now I will just have to listen to the new album.
It’s available on their website, for download and physical purchase.

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