DC833 Vengence Sinister

The first of many mixtapes over the next few weeks.

Ross The Boss: This Is Vengeance
Novareign: Call on The Storm
Red Eleven: Again
The Heretic Order: Dance of the Dead
Tantal: Denial
Global Scum: When Water Turns To Blood
Kanseil: Pojat
Drug Cult: Serpent Therapy
Oubliette: Solitude
Hegemone: Soul Lapse
Deadly Carnage: Hyle
Infected Dead: Resurrectionist
Password Monkey: Rebel In Red
XIII: Deceit
SWAMPBOX: Digging In The Dirt
The Kut: Mind Games
Vulpynes: Sublingual
Masada: One Shot One Kill
Mick Blankenship: Eye for an eye
The Ugly Kings:Promised land
Liberty Slaves: Everyman For Themselves
Ominous Eclipse: Sinister

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