DC831 O Canada

Extended edition from the Hard Rock Hell Radio broadcast, and extra 40+ minutes of hard rock and metal, all from CANADA.

Red Cain – Snakebouquet https://redcain.bandca mp.com/

Unveil – Infinity http://www.unveil616.com

Woodhawk – Beyond The Sun https://woodhawk.bandcamp.com/

Black Absinthe – Pigs https://blackabsinthe.bandcamp.com/

Blastomycosis – Meat Hooker https://blastomycosis.bandcamp.com/

The Divided Line – Breathe https://thedividedline.bandcamp.com/

A Scar for The Wicked – A Place Where Death Resides https://asftwband.bandcamp.com/

BornBroken – A Nation of Ignorance https://www.brokenmusic.ca/

The Curse Within – Pull The Trigger https://www.facebook.com/thecursewithinofficial/

Valyria – Steel Inquisition https://www.facebook.com/valyriaband/

Massive Scar Era – Colour Blind http://massivescarera.com/

For those who listened to the broadcast, continue here……

Sanquine Glacialis – Deus Ex Machina https://sanguineglacialis.bandcamp.com/

Jupiter Hollow – Hades Heart https://www.jupiterhollow.ca/

Fuck The Facts – False Hope http://www.fuckthefacts.com/

All Else Fails – The Forever Lie https://www.facebook.com/AllElseFailsCanada

AxMinister – Salvation https://axminister.bandcamp.com/

Double Experience – AI Freaks Me Out https://www.2xexperience.com/

̠poch РAwakening Inception https://aepochmetal.bandcamp.com/

North Hammer – Wanderer https://northhammer.bandcamp.com