DarkCompass 17-11-17

Torchia – Fury http://torchia.fi

Faith No More – We Care Alot http://www.fnm.com

Despite Exile – Introspector https://www.facebook.com/despiteexile/

American Head Charge – Just So You Know http://www.headcharge.com

Decatur – Into The Night https://www.decaturmetal.com

Satanic – Architecture of Apocalypse https://satanicthrashmetalgmailcom.bandcamp.com

Painted Black – Dead Time http://painted-black.org

Sarke – Upir https://www.facebook.com/sarkeofficial/

Death Blooms – Last Ones https://www.facebook.com/dthblms/

Murkocet – Dead World https://www.murkocetband.com

Kolossor – Bugbear’s Last Stand https://kolossor.bandcamp.com

Bulletback – Fire in the Hole https://www.facebook.com/bulletbackband/


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