DarkCompass 29-09-17


  1. Noituma – Rutonkantaja
    from “Death”, Finland, Against PR
  2. Fozzy – Drinking with Jesus
    from “Judas, USA
  3. Madlife – All The Angels
    Precision in The Face of Chaos
  4. American Wrecking Company – Beautiful Lie
    from “Everything and Nothing”, Washington DC, USA Pavement Entertainment
  5. Skein – Bound
    from “Dead Weight”, Finland, Inverse Records
  6. Devilfire – Waiting for A Rockstar
    Birmingham, UK
  7. Devolver – A Life Lost
    Alberta, Canada
  8. Doomsday Outlaw – All That I have
    from “Suffer More”, Derbyshire, UK
  9. Ruby The Hatchett – Killer
    from “Planetary Space Child”, New Jersey, USA, Tee Pee Records
  10. Tombstalker – Scared to Death
    from “Chaotic Devotion”, Kentucky, USA
  11. Repaid in Blood – Disturbing Your Lack Of Faith I Find
    from “Terra Mourning”,  San Jose, USA

  12. Evil Scarecrow – Robototron
    Nottingham, UK



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