DarkCompass 08-09-17

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/darkcompass/darkcompass-08-09-17/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 autoplay=1]

  1. Josh Todd & The Conflict – Year of The Tiger
    Century Media
  2. Brume – Rekon
    from “Rooster”, CA, USA
  3. Ankor – Love is Not Forever
    from “Beyond The Silence of these Years”,  Catalonia, Rock Estatal Records
  4. Dark Waters End – Unquenchable
    PA, USA
  5. Tides of Kharon – Coins Upon Our Eyes
    Edmonton, Canada, Asher
  6.  Enfold Darkness – The Sacred Daemonic
    Tennessee, USA
  7. The Shadeless Emperor – Sullen Guard
    from “Ashbled Shores”,  Greece
  8. Centuries of Decay – The Architect
    Toronto, Canada, Asher
  9. Raventale – New World Planetarium
  10. Cognizance – Chocking on The Sands
    from “Illusory”, Yorkshire – “forboding impasse” out now