DC782 Blood Matter

  1. Narthraal – Blood Path
    from “Screaming from The Grave, Iceland
  2. Deity – Sacrificium
    from “Deity”, Toronto, Canada,
  3. Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus – Madness Incarnate
    from “Madness Incarnate”, Philadelphia, USA, submitted.
  4. Gracchus – Newborn
    from “MCMLXXX”, Zug, Switzerland
  5. Foyl – Carried Away
    Chino, CA, USA – Submitted
  6. Il Pasaro – Revived
    Single Release, Bulgaria, Tritons Orbit
  7. Karkaos – Kolossos
    from “Children of The Void”, Montreal, Canada
  8. Legionnaire – Black Harbinger
    from “Dawn of Genesis”,  Tampere, Finland,  Gates of Hell Records
  9. Whitenails – Done and Gone
    from “First Trip”, Canada, Magnetic Eye
  10. Miss May I – Shadows Inside
    Ohio, USA
  11. Body Count – No Lives Matter
    from “Bloodlust”, LA, USA, Century Media