DC762 Hail Implosive

  1. Fire Red Empress: Hail The Face, (Single Release, UK)
  2. Fliptop Box: Desert (from “Catch22”, Athens, Greece, Direct)
  3. Alphastate: Out of The Black (Athens, Greece, AngelsPR)
  4. Loose Tooth: Pearls (Northampton, UK)
  5. Dust of Nations: Residuum (from “Dust of Nations”, Brighton, UK)
  6. Fights and Fires: Take a Swing at The World (Worcester, Uk, BlackStarFoundation)
  7. Necronomicon: Advent of The Human God (from “Advent of The Human God”, Montreal, Canada, Seasons Of Mist, Asher)
  8. Samskaras: Fuelscape (from “Asunder”, Montreal, Canada, Rob-MindEraserPR)
  9. Terrifier: Skitzoid Embolism (from “Weapons of Thrash Destruction”, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)
  10. Hyprocras: Implosive Absolution (from “Implosive”, Switzerland, Self Released, AgainstPR)


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