DC738 Ghosts in Transition

Podcrawl only a week away.

  1. Acclaim The Sin: Ghost in Flames (from “White Collars”, Italy, Submitted)
  2. Dark Haunters: The Tigress & The Prophecy (from “To Presevere is Diabolical”, Abruzzo, Italy, Revalve Records)
  3. Ascent: Matter (from “Dont Stop when you Walk Through Hell”, Russia, Grand Sounds PR)
  4. Shantak: The Disinterment (from “For The Darkening”, Italy)
  5. The Apprehended: Still Flyin’ (from “At Arms Length”, USA, Imminence Records)
  6. Unlit Face: Conquering Darkness (from “Everlasting Transformation”, Gothenburg, Sweden, Sliptrick Records)
  7. Sludgehammer: Casualties (from “The Fallen Sun”, Toronto Canada)
  8. Crucial Fix : Solid Steam (from “Crucial Fix”, NY, USA, Heathen Tribes)
  9. Veil of Deception: Stench of Fear (from “Tearing Up The Roots”, Austria, Sliptrick)
  10. Bathyum: Satanic Sodomy (from “Rituals of The Damned”, UK, Heathen Tribes)
  11. Forsaken Peddlers: All Shall Fall (from “Songs of Fate and Freedom”, France, Heathen Tribes)
  12. The Killing Floor: Corruption Capital (from “Tongue Tied”, UK, Outright Rock Records)
  13. Lacertilia: Ride With Us (from “We’re Already Inside Your Head”, Cardiff, Wales, Red Sun Sounds)
  14. Signs of Chaos: No Guilt (from “Watch it Burn”, Ottawa, Canada, Asher)
  15. Iron Fire: Hammer of the Gods (from “Among The Dead”, Denmark, Crime Records 16th September)
  16. Granada: Escupiendo al Cielo (from “PrisionEgo”, Argentina, Symbol of Domination)
  17. Alchemy: Blessed Path (Brescia, Italy, Submitted)
  18. Howling Giant: Mothership (from “Black Hole space Wizard Part 1, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Asher, )
  19. Hibria: Fools Paradise (from “XX”, Brazil, Test Your Metal Records)
  20. Khaldera: The Inevitability of Transition (from “Alteration”, Brugge, Switzerland, Czar Of Revelations, Aug 26th)