DC716 Violator Freedom

Only just returned from Hammerfest to find  lots of great stuff to listen too.

This week

  1. Vredehammer: Violator (from “Violator”, Norway)
  2. Hallas: Insomnia (from S/T, Sweden)
  3. Exterminas: The Dawn of Deceit (from “Dichotomy”,Treviso Italy)
  4. The Heretic Order: Death Ride Blues (from “Death Ride Blues”, London, UK)
  5. Divinity: Manhunt (from The Immortalist Pt2: Momentum, Calgary, Canada)
  6. LVTHN: My Indignation (from “Eradication of Nescience”, Belgium)
  7. Gracepoint: Spider (from “Echoes”, Minneapolis, USA)
  8. Eohum: The Apathetic Plague (from “Ealdfaeder”, Montreal, Canada)
  9. Kuoleman Galleria:  Käsimys Kunniaan (from “Käsimys Kunniaan”, Tampere, Finalnd)
  10. Distoriam: The Call to Freedom (from “Wacken Metal Battle 2016 Compilation”, Montreal , Canada)



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