DC715 Tantibus Strung

I talk about Canadian metal, Hammerfest and ongoing blogginess. 10 tracks from around the world for you to enjoy.

  1. Scardust: Tantibus (from “Shadow”, Israel)
  2. The Erkonauts: Tony 5 (from “I Did Something Bad”, Geneva, Switzerland)
  3. The Mountain Man: Bloodlust (British Colombia, Canada)
  4. Sarke: Alternation (from “Bogefod”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  5. Heartfelt: Be Strong (from “Heartfelt”, Chattanooga, USA)
  6. Blood of The Martyrs: Dr Killinger (from “Endgame”, USA)
  7. A Jokers Rage: Bound (York, UK)
  8. I,Ohms : Civil War (from “Parallel Connection”, VA, USA)
  9. Worship of Keres: Book II (from “Bloodhounds for Oblivion”, California, USA)
  10. Bound by Fate: Strung Out-Strung Up (from “Steadfast”, Ohio, USA)


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