Ashes to Ashes: Urania

Ashes to Ashes
Ashes to Ashes
From Genova in Italy, Ashes to Ashes have a strong alternative metal sound.

Formed by Marta in 2010 alongside to guys called Paulo, it didn’t gel until they got Enrico and Steffano. With bitter sweet lyrics and a solid sound, I hope this album goes well. It’s been released in Japan, and I played a track of this album back in October on 699, not realising that its not out in Europe until April. I had to dig it out and play it again, so expect another track in the coming weeks.
They’ve just released a new Music Video for a track off the album called “Just Daydreaming which you can see below.

thanks to Epitronic for the reminder.

Author: Ro

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