DC712 Deep Brave

10 tracks again from albums I’ve heard this week. Im hoping you like the blog.

This is the last week of enhanced podcasts. I’ve had one like from a picture I posted on Facebook, not enough incentive to continue with the experiment.

This week Music from :

  1. Akasava: The Deep (from “Strange Aeons EP, France)
  2. Nordwitch: No Regret (Hungary)
  3. Burn the Ocean: Land of Mud (from “Come Clean”, Genova, Italy)
  4. Apokathilosis: Where Angels Fear to Tread (from “Where Angels Fear to Tread”, Dublin, Ireland)
  5. Destroyers of All: Hate Through Violence (from “Bleak Fragments”, Portugal), 18th March Release
  6. Grieved: Turn Cold/Fogbound (from “Grieved”, Stockholm, Sweden)
  7. Whitefall: Dreamweaver (from “Origins”, Canberra, Australia) 4th March
  8. Homselvareg: Rogo (from “Catastrofe”, Italy)
  9. Wishing Well: Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul (from “Chasing Rainbows”, Finland)
  10. Inherit The Stars: Fortune Favours The Brave (Single Release, Sheffield, UK)

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