DC711 Maleficent Sun

10 great tracks from around the world.

Still noone saying they’re liking the enhanced version, one more week after this and the experiment is over.

  1. Pile of Priests: Maleficent (from “Void to Enlightenment”, Denver Colorado, USA)
  2. Old Forest: Morwen (from “Dagian”, Andredsweald, UK)
  3. Polaris: Hold You Under (feat Marcus Bridge)(from “The Guilt and The Grief”, Sydney Australia)
  4. Odyssey: Delineation (from “Voids”, Spokane, USA)
  5. Hooded Eagle: … Of Cosmic Horror (from “Night-caps from The Abyssal Plane”, Charleston, S.Carolina, USA, Against PR)
  6. Obscure Oracle: Wasted Time (from “In Death We Trust”, Texas, USA)
  7. The Maledict: Frozen (from “Dread”, Australia)
  8. Arreat Summit: Underlife (from “Frostburn”, (Sweden)
  9. BizarrOtural: Shock (from “Looking in A Mask”, France)
  10. Awake The Sun: No Sun (from “The Barren Sleep”, Italy)

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