DC710 Defying Mud

This week, Not so dark and gloomy. Ha, I lied, with a 17 minute doom track half way through.
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  1. The Veer Union: Defying Gravity (from “Decade”, Vancouver, Canada, Pavement)
  2. The Ruts: Babylons Burning (from “Babylons Burning”, London, UK, WestWorld)
  3. Wasted Shells: Masterplan (from “Dark Matter”, Malmo, Sweden)
  4. Winters Verge: The Call from The Deep (from “IV”, Cyprus)
  5. Atomic Symphony: Abyss (from “Redemption”, Zurich, Switzerland)
  6. Austaras: Thrones (from “Prisoner of Sunlight”, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Pavement)
  7. Bellusira: Dance with Me (from “The Healing”, Melbourne, Australia)
  8. Bosque: Paradox (from “Beyond”, Portugal)
  9. Neuronia: Get Ready for War (from “Under The Same Sky”, Warsaw, Poland)
  10. Burn The Ocean: Land of Mud (from “Come Clean”, Italy)


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