DC709 I am Fire, Henriëtta

Another 10 tracks for you approval, and an experiment – making the show “enhanced”, Chapters.
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This week we have tunes from :

  1. Mythras: I am Fire, I am Death (from “Absolving the Treacherous”, Ohio, USA)
  2. The Lumberjack Feedback: Blackened Visions (from “Blackened Visions”, Kaotoxin Records, Lille, France) 15th January
  3. Ripper: Anthropophagic Life (from “Experiment in Existence”, Unspeakable Axe / Dark Descent, Chile) 4th March
  4. Il Vuoto: And Night Devours Me (from “Weakness”, Italy)
  5. Charm Designer: Never After (from “Everlasting”, Bogota, Colombia)
  6. Beneath The Storm: The Witches’ Sabbath (from “Devil’s Village”, Slovenia)
  7. Kill for Eden : Living on Mars (London, UK)
  8. Funeral Marmoori: Campane (from “The Deer Woman” , Italy, Minotauro Records)
  9. Black Tide: Angel in The Dark (Miami, USA, Pavement Entertainment, Against PR)
  10. Henriëtta: Henriëtta (from “Dead by Dawn”, Gouda, Holland)

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