DC700 The Final Curtain

The last podcast.

This weeks show has not just hard rock and metal in it, it’s got some electronica, pop and industrial in it too, from bands which I have played over the almost 11 years the podcast has be going.

It’s a best of the best, if thats such a thing, well, my favourite tracks, or tracks which have a little story to them.

    • Chris Juergensen: Prospects (from “Prospects”, Japan, USA)
    • Cubic Space Division: X-Axis (Folkestone, UK)
    • Kill Dorothy: Crazy Like Me (London, UK)
    • Lab64: Siamese (from “Casandra’s Temple”, Australia)
    • Skinflick Vs. Britney Spears: Toxic (Bangor, Wales)
    • Infidel Incorporated: Snap Dragon (from “Infidel Incorporated”, USA)
    • Chance: Man on A Mission (from “Eleven Through Fifteen”, USA)
    • Julia’s Window: Blacklight (from “Word of Mouth”, Finland)
    • Tweaker: Linoleum (USA)
    • Jade Leary: Fossil Dawn from (from “Fossildawn”, Montreal, Canada)
    • Junius: Betray The Grave (from “Reports from The Threshold of Death, USA)
    • Fuckshovel: We Are From England (London, UK)
    • Nordic Giants: Shine (feat. Cate Ferris)(from “A Tree as Old as Me”, Brighton UK)
    • October File: Crawl (from “Our Souls to You”, UK)
    • Thomas Dolby: Europa and the Pirate Twins (from “The Sole Inhabitant”, UK)
    • My Toys Like Me: Bats (from “Where We Are”, London, UK)
    • Artemis: Sync of Swim (from “Gravity”, Oakland, USA)
    • Honningbarna: Dødtid (from Verden Er Enkel, Norway)
    • Die So Fluid: Black Blizzard (from “The Opposites of Light”, London, UK)
    • Kvelertak: Kvelertak (from “Meir”, Norway)
    • Evil Scarecrow: Robotatron (from “Crowcifiction”, Nottingham, UK)
    • Psychostick: Obey The Beard (from “Revenge of Vengeance”, Arizona, USA)
    • Skálmöld: Narfi (from “Börn Loka”, Iceland)
    • Cold in Berlin: Natural Order (from “The Comfort of Loss and Dust”, London, UK)
    • Cellarscape: The Same Place (from “The Act of Letting Go”, London, UK)
    • The Steals: All Coming Back (from “Static Kingdom”, London, UK)
    • Daniel Land and The Modern Painters: Eyes Wide Open (from “The Space Between Us, UK)

It’s been a great journey, I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.
I will still be on twitter, so if you have some great music you would like me to hear, please drop me a line.

I will however never say never.