88 Mile Trip – Through The Darkest Haze

Something to get you going this morning, Some Stoner from Vancouver, Canada

88 Mile trip are a 5 piece heavy rock band from Vancouver BC, Canada, they only formed in 2013.

Influenced by classic heavy rock, metal, stoner and doom acts of the past 40 years, they’ve combined that with their desire to write driving, head banging, fist raising songs and perform high energy and groove heavy shows 88 Mile Trip has found a connection with the people who hear and see them.

With a great following in their local scene, they released their self titled Live off the Floor EP in 2013, as well as playing to packed rooms around Vancouver.

Having opened up for some of my favourites like Orange Goblin, and Holy Grail, 88 Mile Trip are poised to take their sound further with this new album Through The Thickest Haze, and plan to tour extensively with it.

Having heard it, has some some infectious hooks from the get go. Opening track The Repressed is a call to arms, along with Serpent Queen (who has not met one of them?)
A Call to Rise, is a more uptempo piece. The whole finishes off with a roaring tracks called Sacred Stone, one for powering down the highway, with with windows down and the player cranked to 11.
There’s a wave-like movement through the whole album, with the waves made of deep bass boulders!
The albums out now over at Bandcamp.

David Bell : Vocals
Hugo Gould Marks: Guitar
Casey James: Guitar/Backing Vocals
Darin Wall: Bass
Eddie Riumin: Drums


Thanks to Against PR